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A Prescient View of Palliative Care by the Psychiatric Physician

Wise TN

Psychiatry 2016;79(3):233-235  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Evolution of the Care of the Dying: From Paternalistic to Palliative Care

Jeste DV, Edmonds EC

Psychiatry 2016;79(3):227-232  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Palliative Care Practice in Neurocritical Care

Knies AK, Hwang DY

Semin Neurol 2016;36(6):631-641  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Common or multiple futures for end of life care around the world? Ideas... (review)

Zaman S, Inbadas H, Whitelaw A, Clark D

Soc Sci Med 2016;172:72-79  [abstract]  [free full-text online]  [doi]

Choosing wisely at the end of life: the crucial role of medical indication

Borasio GD, Jox RJ

Swiss Med Wkly 2016;146:w14369  [abstract]  [free full-text online]  [doi]

An acceptance and commitment therapy self-help intervention for carers of...

Davis EL, Deane FP, Lyons GC

J Health Psychol (e-publication - 2016 Nov)  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Helping Patients and Families Understand the Financial Impact of...

Donald E

Am J Nurs 2016;116(12):11  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Prospective evaluation of surgical palliative care immersion training for...

Raoof M, O'Neill L, Neumayer L, Fain M, Krouse R

Am J Surg 2017;214(2):378-383  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Can We Estimate Short- and Intermediate-term Survival in Patients... (multicenter study)

Forsberg JA, Wedin R, Boland PJ, Healey JH

Clin Orthop Relat Res 2017;475(4):1252-1261  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Encouraging early discussion of life expectancy and end-of-life care: A... (randomized controlled trial)

Walczak A, Butow PN, Tattersall MH, Davidson PM, Young J, Epstein RM, Costa...

Int J Nurs Stud 2016;67:31-40  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Good practice in end of life care


Nurs Stand 2016;31(12):39  [abstract]  [doi]

The palliative care needs of patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: A...

Lindell KO, Kavalieratos D, Gibson KF, Tycon L, Rosenzweig M

Heart Lung 2017;46(1):24-29  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Effects of a Simulation Exercise on Nursing Students' End-of-Life Care Attitudes

Dame L, Hoebeke R

J Nurs Educ 2016;55(12):701-705  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Psilocybin and palliative end-of-life care

Shelton RC, Hendricks PS

J Psychopharmacol 2016;30(12):1207-1208  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Psilocybin in end of life care: Implications for further research

Summergrad P

J Psychopharmacol 2016;30(12):1203-1204  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

The role of psychedelics in palliative care reconsidered: A case for psilocybin

Kelmendi B, Corlett P, Ranganathan M, D'Souza C, Krystal JH

J Psychopharmacol 2016;30(12):1212-1214  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Pain Management in CKD: A Guide for Nephrology Providers (review)

Koncicki HM, Unruh M, Schell JO

Am J Kidney Dis 2017;69(3):451-460  [abstract]  [full-text online (sub)]  [doi]

Planning for Deactivation of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators at the...

Brady DR

Crit Care Nurse 2016;36(6):24-31  [abstract]  [free full-text online]  [doi]

The attitude of Japanese individuals toward end-of-life care [Japanese]

Nishioka H, Arai H

Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi 2016;53(4):374-378  [abstract]  [free full-text online]  [doi]

Factors associated with the prognosis of elderly patients with advanced... [Japanese]

Sakai K, Masuda Y, Miyanishi K

Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi 2016;53(4):404-411  [abstract]  [free full-text online]  [doi]

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